TXBVA Sponsorship Opportunity

The Texas Beach Volleyball Association (TXBVA) is a non-profit 501c(4)Texas Corporation which nurtures, sponsors, and promotes beach volleyball across the State of Texas.

Partnering with the Texas Beach Volleyball Association is a unique opportunity to reach new players and spectators as they set their foundational understandings of the sport, future pros as they hone their talents for the professional stage, lifelong players who define their lifestyles by beach volleyball.  As our partner, you will engage with loyal, community-minded athletes, fans, and families who will take your brand home throughout the state, across state lines, and overseas. Beach volleyball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and TXBVA is a leader and greatest access point for beach volleyball in Texas.

LAYING A FOUNDATION  For most new players - youth and adult alike - our TXBVA affiliates are the first taste of organized, competitive beach volleyball. You can be established as part of the ground floor for these players in their initial, foundational experience.

THE PATH TO GREATNESS  Top athletes work their way through our rating system to train and to develop their skills in order to become the leaders of the sport as local legends, NCAA champions, and paid professionals traveling internationally. Your brand can be a part of their journey to greatness.

OF THE COMMUNITY The TXBVA was created by a group of beach volleyball players, clubs, tournament directors, and organizations in order to support the beach volleyball community.  While a few exceptional players move on to the professional stage, many more are players for life at the local, amateur ranks. Your brand can be an accessible part of what defines our community, on and off the beach.

ENGAGE WITH THE LIFESTYLE Beach volleyball is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle - collective, yet personal. It’s how we engage with a fun, active, competitive outdoor world. Partnering with TXBVA means engaging with our affiliates and thousands of members who cherish these values and the lifestyle as whole.

VISIBILITY  Texas has fast become a beach volleyball hot spot. Each year, the number of interstate athletes traveling to Texas to play and train with us grows. Your brand can be a piece of the active, outdoor Texas lifestyle that these athletes take home to share with their own communities.

A GROWING OPPORTUNITY With the addition of beach volleyball as an NCAA sport, the ever-increasing Olympic attention, and heightened popularity of beach volleyball superstars, our sport is on a path of continued accelerated growth. As a primary resource for beach volleyball players and families in Texas, TXBVA will grow with the sport and your brand’s reach can expand with it too.


If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact us