Texas CUP Am. Tour Stops

Road to the Texas Cup 

M/W AA/A/B Schedule and Registration

1/25 M/W host Project Serven/an/a
2/16 M host 210n/a2/16 M/W host 210
3/9 M/W host 2103/10 M/W host 2103/9 M/W host 210
3/10 M/W GCVA3/10 M/W GCVA3/13 M/W host Project Serve
3/16 M/W Third Coastn/a3/16 M/W Third Coast
4/5 M/W host Project Serve3/29 M/W host Project Serve
5/11 M/W Third Coast5/11 M/W Third Coast
5/25 M/W host GCVA5/25 M/W host GCVA5/29 M/W host Project Serve
6/2 M/W host GCVA6/2 M/W host GCVAn/a
6/21 M/W host Project Serve6/14 M/W host Project Serven/a
6/23 M/W host TXBVA6/23 M/W host TXBVA6/23 M/W host TXBVA
6/28 M/W host GCVA6/28 M/W host GCVAn/a
7/6 M/W host GCVA7/6 M/W host GCVAn/a
8/2 M/W host GCVA8/2 M/W host GCVA8/14 M/W host Project Serve
9/6 M/W host Project Serve8/30 M/W host Project Serven/a

Texas AM Cup Qualifying Criteria

To earn entry into the Texas CUP you must play in at least 2 of the designated stops listed above in the division you are qualifying

Texas CUP will be held September 21/22 in San Antonio

Top 3 in each division will earn cash prize, gear, and top 2 get entry fees paid to the AVP America National Championships 

During the season you are earning AVP America and TXBVA Points for seeding/ranking

1st $1,000$800$600

Ranking/Seeding Site