TXBVA Jr. Tour Stops 2021

Road to the Texas Jr. Cup

TEXAS Cup JUNE 11-13 in San Antonio 

Date Location HostRegister
Jan 16 Dallas 692REGISTER
Jan 30/31 San Antonio 210 BeachREGISTER
March 13 Houston ThirdcoastREGISTER
March 21 Dallas MadsandREGISTER
April 2-4 San Antonio 210 BeachREGISTER
April 10 Austin AJVREGISTER
April 17 Dallas 692REGISTER
April 24 Dallas MadsandREGISTER
May 8 Austin Silver BeachREGISTER
May 22/23 Galveston GCVAREGISTER
June 11-13 San Antonio TXBVA TX CUPREGISTER

The Texas Junior Cup

Texas CUP Invite Criteria 

(AUTO BID or WILD CARD, read details below)


The Championships are purely invitational. Each division will have a maximum of 25 teams (2 bids given at each of the 12 Tour Stops - see below for what happens when a team cannot accept a Bid) and will be seeded according to TXBVA Junior Rankings after last junior stop using Junior Points. The Champions in each age group will receive championship prizes.


Tour Stop Winners receive one bid as a team per Tour Stop win. This is considered an AUTO Bid. The teammates must play together unless one player is unavailable (or accepts another bid to the Cup). The bid is always initially awarded to the first 2 places at the Tour Stop (for the right of first refusal), regardless of whether either or both of the winning players already have earned a bid. 

A team that has only earned one bid between both players (i.e., won exactly one Tour Stop between both players) may not split in order to each enter the Texas Cup with a new partner, as that would be two entries and would require two bids. If the team wins two (or more) Tour Stops together, then they may elect to each accept one with a new partner.

If both teammates are unable to attend, the bid/invite will pass to a wild card players. The TXBVA office will notify the wild card team players if the bid has passed to them. Any wild card teams selected will be done using the junior ranking system and consultation with other affiliate directors to maintain a competitive championship. The TXBVA office will notify these players once they are guaranteed a spot, typically starting 1-2 weeks before the Texas Cup.

If you earn multiple bids with different partners, you may choose whichever partner you’d like to play with, but please remember to give a courtesy notice to any winning teammates that you will not be playing with, so the he/she has ample time to find a partner.


If you win a bid at a stop, you are in the Texas Cup.  If we do not fill the Texas Cup spots with auto bids, we will then default to TXBVA Points, starting with the top and working down with invites in your age group specific.


To accept your bid, email us with names, tour stop # place. If you are not able to accept the bid, please notify the TXBVA office as soon as possible. We will email registration starting in April.

PS - we know this can be a little confusing... If there is anything you want further clarification on, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.