Who We Are

The Texas Beach Volleyball Association was formed as a 501c(4) nonprofit organization to bring together the local beach volleyball communities across the state of Texas. The TXBVA’s mission is to grow the game #growthegame, sponsor, promote, and maximize playing opportunities through a common schedule, common ranking/seeding system, and Texas CUP Series that can highlight many of our affiliates key events. The TXBVA promotes volleyball by marketing for and assisting in conducting outdoor volleyball events while striving for the highest possible standards for players, tournament directors, members, and sponsors.

We are striving to coordinate schedules where possible, a rating/seeding system, and record base to assist in creating a state-wide standard. The schedule consists of organized, accessible tournaments for every skill level at many locations in the state of Texas.

The Texas Beach Volleyball Association is dedicated to fulfilling a mission goal through supporting the beach volleyball communities’ charitable goals by promoting charity events on a state level and providing clinics for those who have a desire to play the game but might not otherwise have the means.

We are establishing the TXBVA Hall of Fame to honor those who have made an impact on the game in the state of Texas as a player, coach, administrator, or any other beach volleyball advocate in our great state.

This is a perpetual association with the goal of being around as long as beach volleyball is going to be played in this state.